Account Access

How do I log into the Plant Biology Worldwide Summit?

Registered attendees will receive an email with an access code that can be used to log in to the website here. If you do not remember, or did not receive your log-in information, use the “Forgot Access Key” link under the login button.

How do I access the sessions, posters, and other conference materials?

Many features are only accessible to registered attendees. Once logged in, the vertical menu on the left side of the screen will give you options for browsing the various aspects of the conference.

How do I create my schedule?

Once logged in to your account, you can Favorite a session by clicking the star on the right side of each session. This will add it to the My Schedule page. This can be removed by clicking the star icon again. If you want to add a specific talk from a session, you can navigate to that session, then to the specific talk, and click the Favorite button at the top of the page.

How do I update my profile or add a photo?

While logged in to your account, you can navigate to your profile by clicking on your first name and last initial in the top right corner, clicking the drop down arrow, and selecting My Conference Profile. To add a photo, click Upload Photo, crop as needed, and then click Save My Profile.

I have registered for the conference but when logging in, it says “Account was not found” or I used the “Forgot Access Key?” link but haven’t received the email.


How do I connect with other attendees?

  • Registered attendees will receive a link to set up your profile. Upload a photo, add your bio and link to your social media accounts. You can browse other attendees’ profiles and connect with them directly.
  • Choose from many networking sessions that will be ongoing throughout the conference. 
  • Chat with other attendees in any session via the chat room function.
  • If in doubt, come visit the PB20 Information Desk and we’ll help you make some connections!

How can I message another attendee, or check my messages?

You can navigate to the person you’d like to message by going to Attendees on the left-hand navigation, then searching for the person, clicking into their profile, and selecting the chat button at the top. To check for new messages, select “Show only my chats” under the users search bar (or above the X, Y, Z of the alphabet).


How do I join a live session?

Each session will have a Live Stream button at the top of the session page. This button will be greyed out until shortly before the scheduled session time, at which point you will be able to enter the session room. Once you have entered the live stream viewer, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the icons that are available:

  1. Ascending Vertical Bars: these will control the volume of your livestream. Click a box and turn it blue to increase the volume, or gray to decrease the volume.
  2. Expanding Arrows: this will control the size of your screen. Click once to enter the full-screen viewer, or click again to return to the original size.

I’m having problems with the Live Stream.

  • If you are unable to hear any sound at all, be sure your speakers are turned on, and you are not set to Mute within the live stream window. When the stream begins, you may see a message that says something like “Click here to unmute.”
  • If the slides or speaker appear blurry at any point, it may be an internet connectivity issue. If you know that your connection is good, and you refresh your screen, but the images are still distorted, the issue may be with the speaker’s connectivity. 
  • If you are having trouble with the video feed, or are not seeing any video at all during the time of the Live Stream event, try refreshing your browser. You can do this by clicking the circular refresh icon beside the URL or holding down Ctrl +R buttons on your keyboard on a desktop/laptop.
  • You can also increase/decrease the resolution value of the stream. In the bottom right corner, you may see a number like 1080p. This is the highest resolution, and most recommended. If you see a number lower than 1080p, click on the number to adjust the resolution.

How do I ask the speaker a question?

Once in the Live Stream Viewer, you will see Help, Questions, and Discussion on the right side of the viewer (see example here [link to image below]). Many speakers will be participating in the discussion or answering the questions live. Within the Question area, type in your question, and hit Enter. Other attendees will be able to see your question and vote-up questions that they find most relevant. As your question accrues points, it will move to the top of the list.

How do I view a session I missed?

  • Plenary sessions will be rebroadcast each day at 8pm EDT.
  • Unedited plenary and concurrent sessions will be available for on demand viewing within a few hours. The edited versions will be available within 3-5 days.  
  • All on demand sessions will be available for viewing for up to a year after the conference.

I have another technical issue, or the solutions above are not working.

If you are having trouble with the Cadmium site, live stream, or other aspect of the platform you can contact Cadmium Technical Support from 9 – 5 EDT at (410) 638 9239 or

Browser Issues

If you are experiencing issues when using the Firefox browser for live sessions.

  1. Try right-clicking in the panel to bring up the drop-down menu, select “This Frame” and “Open Frame in New Window”
  2. Switch to Chrome or an alternative browser.
  3. Disable Firefox extensions and refresh your page.


For questions contact Lacey Kishter or Deanne Rockola Altman

How to Navigate the virtual Exhibit/Sponsor Showcase

How do I participate in SCAN&WIN?

The Conference app can be found at the App-Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Search for the purple Eventscribe Live App.

Attendees will visit participating sponsors’ virtual booths and possibly other areas of the virtual event (career fair, and networking sessions) to locate SCAN&WIN QR CODES. Each QR Code will contain a question that is answered to earn points to light up the Leaderboard. Complete as many SCAN&WIN questions as possible (questions may change each day, Monday-Thursday) and see your name rise to the top.

What is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard is where your name will rise to the top as you play the Scan and Win game. The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you will earn, and the luckier you may be!


Why wasn’t Plant Biology 2020 canceled?

We feel that the research, education, and networking opportunities offered by the Plant Biology conference are too important to our members and community to cancel entirely.

Will Plant Biology go back to DC? How does this affect future conferences?

We are excited to be working with the Wardman Park Marriott in hopes to return to DC for our next open year.

I’m already registered – now what?

Our registration team will be reaching out to determine if and how you’d like to be registered for the Plant Biology Worldwide Summit. This is your opportunity to upgrade to a group registration! The deadline for response is Friday, June 5, at which point we will begin transferring registrations and processing full or partial refunds as applicable.

How can I cancel my Marriott Wardman Park hotel room reservation?

If you booked within the discounted block, your reservation will be canceled automatically and you will receive notification of the cancellation. No fees will be charged regarding your hotel cancellation. No action is required on your part.

Are you refunding flight or other travel costs?

No, we will not refund individual travel costs. We suggest that you contact your airline to investigate the cancellation options available to you. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What does the one day rate include?

The new one day rate will include one day’s worth of sessions, plus access to networking, posters, and exhibitors.

I’m interested in the group rate, how does this work?

Up to 39 people from the same organization (regardless of membership status) can be registered together at a highly discounted rate. At the time of registration, all names must be provided, along with each person’s organization, address, phone number and email. Each person gets their own account to the virtual platform for networking, attending sessions, etc. and we encourage you to continue conversations offline with your group. For groups larger than 39 please contact

What if I register for Plant Biology Worldwide and am later unable to participate?

The content will be able to be viewed on demand for a year. However, requests for refunds will be honored only if received in writing to on or before Friday, July 10, 2020. A $50 processing fee will apply to all cancelled registrations. There will be no refunds for requests received after the deadline. 

For groups, cancellations are not accepted but substitutions can be made up until access codes are sent out.  You can make a substitution by emailing


What do I need to attend virtually?

You will need access to an updated internet browser and good internet connection. Sessions will be viewable on a phone, tablet or computer. The best experience will be on a Google Chrome internet browser with a minimum internet speed connection of 2MB/s upload/download.

Will recorded versions of the talks be available?

Registered attendees at the standard or group rates will have access to all talks on-demand after their original session time. These can be accessed for up to a year after the conference.

I’m looking for a job– what does PB20 offer for me?

We are planning a Virtual Career Fair as well as many other career development activities you can take part in.

I’m looking to hire someone– what does PB20 offer for me?

Employers will also be invited to participate in the Virtual Career Fair.

What time zone will the conference schedule be in?

The schedule will be in Eastern Time (ET). However, we will be re-broadcasting the plenary symposium at 8:00 pm ET in order to reach as many people and time zones as possible. All content will be available on-demand for watching at your leisure if you are not able to attend live.

Abstracts and Posters

What is a virtual poster?

It’s all online and digital. You will be able to login and view virtual posters from any internet-connected computer. Poster presenters are able to include high resolution images, high definition videos, sound files, and links to external web resources. You can add as much text and media content as you need to present your research with the detail it deserves. During the conference, you will be able to attend poster hours and live chat with presenters, or email them to coordinate individual meeting times and ask questions.

My research is not at the place I expected and I’m not ready to submit an abstract. What do I do?

We understand, that’s why we are introducing the ability to continue to edit your abstracts until the submission deadline.  This is also another advantage of the virtual posters, you will be able to make real time updates to the research or data shared on the poster, even during the conference.

Can I cancel my abstract that I’ve already submitted?

Yes, please email by June 5th in order to withdraw your abstract submission. This means you will not be able to create a virtual poster and your abstract will not be included in any of the conference materials.

As a speaker, how will my presentation and research be protected?

Our platform provides several options to secure data. We are working with them to determine the best option and will be providing more information on this here.

When do I need to submit my abstract by?

July 12, 2020 is the deadline for poster abstract submissions to be included in the iPoster gallery. Primary poster presenters must be registered for the conference. This will be the LAST DAY to submit an abstract. Submissions will cut off at 11:59 PM EST.

Poster Gallery

How can I chat with a poster presenter?

We have asked poster presenters to set live chat hours on Wednesday, July 29, or as they are available throughout the conference. To view the posters that have scheduled this, you can select the filter to View presentations with chat. You can view the scheduled times under the poster thumbnail from the gallery page and then click into the poster to chat during these times.

How can I send a poster presenter a question?

Once you select a poster, you can click “Contact Author” at the bottom of the poster page to send an email outside of scheduled live chat times.

Further questions?

Further questions?

Please contact


What are the exhibit and sponsorship virtual options?

For sponsorship and exhibit information click here.  If you have any questions please contact Deanne Rockola Altman at

What are the virtual options for sponsors?

The Virtual Sponsorship Prospectus is available here. For more information please contact Deanne Rockola Altman at

What if I don’t want to participate virtually, can I get a full refund or transfer my sponsorship/exhibitor fees to next year?

Yes, you have 2 options: you can either transfer your sponsorship/exhibitor fees to 2021 or you can receive a full refund.

Will exhibitors and sponsors still receive complimentary registrations for the virtual event?

Benefits will remain similar to the virtual event. If you have any questions please contact Deanne Rockola Altman at

When will onsite sales for 2021 take place? How will I be able to select my booth?

We will hold signups for the 2021 meeting online and by phone soon after the PB Worldwide Summit. Sponsor First Right Of Refusals will likely be emailed in September 2020.

Exhibitor Booth Chat Rooms

If you are using any sort of VPN network, it may prevent you from entering the exhibitor booth chat rooms. If you are experiencing problems entering, please disconnect your VPN, refresh the page, and try again.