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The Conference app can be found at the App-Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Search for the purple Eventscribe Live App.

ASPB is excited to announce an interactive game SCAN&WIN for attendees at this year’s PB20 Worldwide Summit. Attendees will visit participating sponsors virtual booths and other areas of the virtual event (career fair, and networking sessions) to locate SCAN&WIN QR CODES. Each QR Code will contain a question that is answered to earn points to light up the Leaderboard. Complete as many SCAN&WIN questions as possible (questions may change each day, Monday-Thursday) and see your name rise to the top.

Play for a chance to WIN one of 3 Awesome Prizes

  • (2) Full registration to PB2021 (Registration only. Can be transferable to 2022)
  • (1) $100 Amazon gift card


The 3 winners will be announced at the start of the Friday Morning Plenary Session and the winners will also receive an email confirmation of how to claim their prize at the end of the SUMMIT. 

Thank you to our Sponsors for making this possible. Stop by their virtual booth or networking session and other areas throughout the PB20 Worldwide Summit to search for QR Codes!


PB20 Worldwide Summit Virtual event app Technical FAQs

Technical requirements to download the event mobile app

  1. What type of device do I need to use the event App?

iPhone or iPad – The app runs iOS 10.0 or higher.

Android Device – The app runs on all android devices with android 6 and above.

  1. How can I check the version of iOS on my iPhone or iPad?

To check the version of iOS on your device, select “Settings”, “General”, and then “About.” Scroll down the page until you see “Version.”

  1. How do I update the version of iOS on my iPhone or iPad?

If you have a version of iOS older than 10.0 on your device, connect to iTunes (via your computer) and follow the prompts to update iOS.

  1. I forgot my Apple ID password. How can I find it download the event app?

To have your Apple ID Password emailed to you, go to “Settings” on your device and select “iTunes & App Stores,” and then select “Apple ID” (please note, you will need to remember this for the final step) and “iForgot.” You will then be prompted to enter your Apple ID from the previous screen to retrieve your password.

  1. Do I need an Internet connection to use the app?

An Internet or data connection is required to download the app, watch the Live Stream sessions, use or view websites, and download documents within the app (PDF documents and presentations). Once documents have been downloaded inside the app, Internet is NOT required to view information on an ongoing basis, access materials, and take notes.

  1. How do I log in to the mobile app?

You will log into the mobile app using your registration email and 7digit registration confirmation number. This is different from how to log into the event website and can be found in your registration confirmation email.

  1. How should I best use the mobile app during the event?

While the majority of sessions are available in the mobile app, due to the small screen size and the amount of data viewing live streamed content requires, it is best to watch live streamed sessions on the event website. On idea is to consider using the website and mobile app at the same time. You could be viewing the live stream channel on your computer and browsing other sessions, watching on demand content, viewing the poster gallery, etc. on the mobile app.

  1. How can I find more specific questions about mobile app features?

Other detailed questions and features can be found in the App FAQs button within the mobile app.

  1. Who do I contact for App technical support?

For technical support, please contact the Conference App provider, CadmiumCD, directly by calling toll free (877) 426-6323. Email support is also available at