Welcome to Trivia Night at Plant Biology 2020, presented by the Early Career Plant Scientists Section of ASPB! Join us on Thursday, July 30th at 7PM (ET) for live team trivia!

How to play

  1. Assemble a team (friends, colleagues, or strangers!) and “meet up” with your team over Zoom or a video platform of your choice. Think up a team name!
  2. Designate one person on your team to be the Team Leader. This person will be in charge of typing and submitting your answers. If you are the Team Leader, click this link.
  3. Follow along on the live stream as our host reads questions. Discuss the questions with your team, and have your Team Leader submit your answers!


There is no limit on team size, but this will be most fun if teams are kept under about 8 people. No help from the internet! These questions aren’t Google-proof, so we’re working on the honor system.

Share your trivia fun! When your team gets together, take a screenshot of your team and post it to Twitter with your team name, and include #PlantBio20 and #ECPStrivia!